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I'm 21 years old. I'm from the US. I enjoy Harry Potter, spaghetti, cats, and 5SOS, in that order.
I also really like to read and write, obviously. I'm a romance writer, interspersed with fan fiction, and one lone poem.

- Ambassador 2016 / 2017
- December 2015 Author of the Month
- Every Exquisite Thing Giveaway winner
- Movelly's 2016 (Ambassador of the Year)

- Silver in On Dublin Street: Love and Loss Competition (Kaleidoscope of Memories).
- Shortlisted for Fanfiction of The Year 2012 (No Words Are Needed)
- Little Mix Competition (Mix It Up!)
- Co-Writer Competition Best Fanfiction (Unexpected Tokens, coauthor @CarolClifford)

Thanks to everyone who has fanned me! Over 500 is awesome :)

Thanks for visiting my profile,

Asking For It: A Review

di , giovedì dicembre 14, 2017
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Asking For It: A Review

Asking For It: A Review

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  • Kierstinnn

    mumbled "CC for CC?"

    3 months agoRispondi
    Drop a link to your story and give mine a read! Please leave me some feedback.
    Saving FacesNancy's romantic life has been drier than a desert since she hooked up with a boy who was in love with her roommate. Now, with a new roommate, Nancy finds...
    Rain :)
    3 months ago
    Love it if you would read Letters. Thanks. X
    LettersLetters to you, from me, read by everyone else.
  • Kierstinnn

    mumbled "What's Up"

    5 months agoRispondi
    1 Mi piace
    I finally got a new laptop! Mine quit working on me in like February and I just didn't have the funds for one until now. Definitely be expecting some updates and probably some comments on your stories! I'm mad excited to be writing again!!
    Rain :)
    5 months ago
    Hey! Thats pretty cool for you! I shall look forward to updates! X
    5 months ago
    2 I mi piace
    Sounds awesome! I'm glad to see more activity from users on here <3
    5 months ago
    One of my favorite places, but writing on the app is so hard.
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