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©If you're here, can you really prove you're here? Can you really show that you're alive, with only a fake smile and your feelings to hide?©


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    4 years agoRispondi
    You're going to be irritated by this, but I'm going to go see the Minion movie. XD And when I get back, only one more day until I can talk to you full time again. :D
    That's The Spirit
    I only saw in my notifs "You're going to be irritated by this"... and i thought you were going to say "im going to be away for another week and i was like "@ god if you keep her away from me i swear" but I also suspected it was about minions.


    I can't wait to talk a lot again cx
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    4 years agoRispondi
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    4 years ago

    OKAY, Cas going PM and on invisible Dean XD XD


    Stuff ye want on le cover:

    And omg I have that picture XD I have so much Destiel stuff, my iPad freezes. XD
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    4 years ago
    Same with all the Destiel stuff I have, I have no room for anything else but music. XD

    Title: Shooting Stars
    Author: De.mon De.stiel
    Ideas: It's an AU so I'm thinking just Cas and Dean gazing up at the sky.
    Stuff ye want on le cover: Random flower graphics, shooting stars, Destiel <3_<3

    XD Thank you!!! <3 Go ahead and take your time, I won't be back online until the 13th this month.

    Gotta go, Love ya, and I'll miss ya! <3 :3
    4 years ago

    I'll get right on it :D :D I'll make a few.

    Oh no! D: I'll miss you! Love you too :3 <3
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