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Broken......... Heart can't be fixed

  • brodie2

    mumbled "Amazing "

    3 months agoRispondi
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    It's amazing how two peoples words can boost someone's confidence and believing in them self so much. Thank you @[SHABZY] and @[Rain Evangeline ] no words can thank you enough xxxx
    Rain Evangeline
    3 weeks ago
    I've literally only just seen this now! Its absolutely fine, I'm so glad that we can begin to make a positive difference for you. xx
  • brodie2
    3 months agoRispondi
    Hey guys I will hopefully try and update today if I have time x
    True love or hearbreak.
    True love or hearb...
    Jess, a girl where nothing ever happened apart from heartbreak begins to trust an ex, but will it be true love or heartbreak.
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