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First things first. LGBT is accepted here, racism, sexism, and homophobia is not welcome. Anyway, now that the serious stuff is out of the way.
I like music, art, tumblr, and my style is "emo" while my personality is generally bright.
My writing is mainly fanfiction as of now, but I'm testing new genres to see how I do. Bear with me as I do that, and only constructive criticism please.
I can be sassy, but online I'm generally polite. If you need someone to talk to, I'll always be here. Everyone is welcome to me.

  • BluDoodles

    mumbled "surprise"

    10 months agoRispondi
    hey, this might not come as a surprise, but im going to be way less active on this site now.... i just can't find inspiration to write, not like many people will miss my writing anyway.... so, if this is my last mumble, thanks for supporting me if you did. i appreciate it.
    Ray Lidstone
    10 months ago
    Awww I’ll miss your writing!
  • BluDoodles

    mumbled "a few announcements"

    10 months agoRispondi
    -im back huns after a while
    -im going to write on ao3! the superior fanfic site over wattpad, sorry yall just my opinion
    -check out my instagram, @_b.l.u.d.o.o.d.l.e.s_ for my art!
    -im getting more into billie eilish, because yeah
    10 months ago
    Welcome back
  • BluDoodles

    mumbled "who noticed"

    11 months agoRispondi
    so im wondering if one of the reasons i dont have many followers, reads on my stories, or popularity on here is because my spelling and grammar on my mumbles is trash
    just to clarify, my mumble spelling and grammar is bad because i already put a lot of effort into making myself look presentable online, so i just dont care.
    If you'd all prefer I typed like I do in this sentence, please let me know so I can coordinate properly.
    if not, im going to keep typing like this so
    11 months ago
    I totally understand where you're comin' from. Considering I only have 2 followers xD -__-
    Ray Lidstone
    11 months ago
    I started out with very few followers, and most of the ones I have now are just spammers. Your spelling/grammar in your mumbles doesn’t bother me in the least, but I can’t speak for other people.
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