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Hi um I love One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer!


  • Ashley Ward

    mumbled "Who has heard about Tinierme?"

    If you have do you remember a Zu-Zu Carrie? If you don't then this doesn't apply to you not too be rude or anything its just I'm trying to find my tinier me friends it was an anime website and I loved it too death
  • Ashley Ward

    mumbled "Should I Deactivate My Account"

    I feel as if I'm not a good enough writer to b on here :( I feel like I'm horrible at writing compared to you alls or Y'alls stories they areso much better than mine and I just feel as if I don'tbelong on this site :( So should I deactivate my account?
    Ashley Ward
    5 years ago
    Yeah but @[Am Southern] I don't like competitions and I stare reading stories before I started writing I get my insperation frm reading other people's fanfics then make my own and I have horrible writers block 24/7 and I barely am able to update my stories as though School started back up I am forced to go help with the horse I absolutely cant stand to be around and I get disturbed when I am writing to do the dishes to eat to clean to whatever my mom and step dad find for me as it is I'm dying to learn how to drive and dying to get a job to save up for college as though it won't help me at all as tho I wanna get into an expensive school ):
    Am Southern
    5 years ago
    I'm in the same boat. School starts in 4 days, I have a lot of chores to do around the house, I've gotta study for my G1 test, find an after school job because summer's done and therefore, both of my summer jobs are over, save for my car, figure out what I'm going to do after high school and then save for that too... So, I know what your going through, the only thing is that I have figured out how to manage my time and obviously, if you want to stay here, you will need to do the same... And it's not hard, You just need to figure out what works for you. I have this notebook... It's about the same size as lined paper... On the inside of the notebook, I write all my school notes, story ideas, everything like that and on the front cover I keep a list that looks something like this...

    School Subject #1 - Task #1
    - Task #2

    School Subject #2 - Task #1
    - Task #2

    School Subject #3 - Task #1
    - Task #2

    School Subject #4 - Task #1
    - Task #2

    Extracurricular Activity #1 - Meeting dates
    - Tasks

    Extracurricular Activity #2 - Meeting dates
    - Tasks

    Extracurricular Activity #3 - Meeting dates
    - Tasks

    Extracurricular Activity #4 - Meeting dates
    - Tasks

    Other - Chores
    - Forms (school trips, summer school, other...)
    - Things I need/want to buy
    - Movies/T.V. Shows I need/want to watch
    - Important websites
    - Anything else

    Hope this helps!!
    Ashley Ward
    5 years ago
    1 Mi piace
    Thanks I'm just an unorganized girl who can't manage time period and now my sister wants me too help her rite a story its not a fanfic too and I have no clue how to write a none fanfic anymore unless its an essay for English period /: I will try to us that I just can't get my hopes high and ried writing in a journal stories that I could put on the sites and edit as I gothrogh but I'm just too lazy for that bt I used to b able to manage my time but now I can't because of my incident that I am still trying to get over /:
  • Ashley Ward

    mumbled "Is this stupid or funny or weird or boring? Its a convo between a human and a spider!"

    Stupid is good to remind you all!

    Human: did you steal my cookie?
    Spider: no?
    Human: you sound skeptical!
    Spider: what does skeptical mean?
    Human: I don't know but it's similar to hesitant why?
    Spider: because I'm not hesitant to bite you cuz I didn't eat yo cookie I ate all the cookies in the world Mwuahahaha
    Human: *gasp* why!? *overly dramatic*
    Spider: cuz I love cookies got a problem with it?
    Human: yes I do have a problem with it!
    Spider: why do you have a problem with it?
    Human: because your a spider and spiders don't eat cookies and they can't talk!
    Spider: you got a point there!

    So what do you guys think?
  • Ashley Ward

    mumbled "IMPORTANT!!!!!"

    If I fail the staar test I took today then I will be grounded so if Iget grounded I won't be able to update my stories then I may lose fans and favourites please hope I pass it!!!! Pray for me that I passed it!!!!
    Diana Hemmings
    5 years ago
    I'll pray for u I really really hope u pass it
  • Ashley Ward


    I just got home from school from taking my staar test and omg before you ask I am not telling anyone how I felt I didI don't wanna jinx myself but it was the easiest thing ever I just can't wait to get my results!!!!! :(
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