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So as you can tell my name is Alexis Middleton, I love One Direction and I will just state here and now that I am Harry Styles' future wife!
Anyway so now that that's cleared a little bit about me:

Favorite Boy Band: One Direction

Favorite Girl Band: Little Mix

Favorite solo singer: Olly Murs or Ed Sheran

Favorite Color: Baby Blue

Looks: I'm 5 foot 7, same height as Niall Horan, I have brown hair with blonde dip bye that is naturally curly on the ends and my eye color is naturally blue.

A little more about me: When I'm sad I like to just be left alone and I either play on my phone and listen to music or draw and listen to music.

  • Alexis Middleton

    mumbled "First Mumble, First Shoutout"

    So, I haven't updated 'My Bully, Louis Tomlinson' in ages so I'll try and do that today but it's mothers day and my mum makes a REALLY REALLY REALLY big deal out of it!
    Also, I just read a NEW FAN-FICTON about LOUIS TOMLINSON so if you're a LOUIS lover go and check it out :-D.
    The AUTHORS called @[Nicole Tommo] and the BOOKS called 'Fear Or Love'. - There's only one, short, chapter right now but who knows - She might lengthen them :-).
    So, bye for now. If you want me to read one of your books and tell you how to improve and what's good about it then just post the link below or if you can't do that then just tell me what the books called ;-).


    - Alexis Middleton
    Nicole Tommo
    5 years ago
    Thanks for the shout out :-)
    I'll make sure I'll give you one to my... Four fans.... Haha.
  • Alexis Middleton
    This is a really good start :-)
    Just one question - Are all the chapters gonna be that long? - If they are you might wanna make them a bit longer...
    Update when you can though, it's a good book.

    - Alexis Middleton
    Fear Or Love?
    Fear Or Love?
    Chloe May, young, sweet, cute and charming. But like everyone, she has her flaws. Chloe has been used and hurt and doesn't let anyone get to close but when her mother moves her to Doncaster to live with...
    Nicole Tommo
    5 years ago
    I'm gonna lengthen the chapters -They'll be a lot longer - So don't worry about that.
    That chapter was short because it's the beginning chapter and yeah... ANYWAY I'll update when I can, I would now but it's mothers day and all :-(.
  • Alexis Middleton
    This is great... Big... Sis... Hate saying / Typing that...
    It would be better though if it was 'Alexis Calder' ;-)

    - Alexis Middleton
    Eleanor Calder's Twin
    Eleanor Calder's...
    'I'm Falling Again - Deeper and Deeper' - Nicole Calder. Nicole Calder, Eleanor Calder's twin sister. Nicole Calder, the girl who's mistaken for Eleanor Calder and Nicole Calder, the girl who's been abused...
    Chloe Middleton
    5 years ago
    *shakes head*
    - Chloe Middleton
  • Alexis Middleton
    Hey Chlo Chlo!
    Gimme one! Haha.

    Title: Supernatural Love
    Author: Me! Alexis Middleton
    Blurb: *I made this for my twin sister who like my Hazza-Bear and my brother Lou-Bear*
    Choosing between two people wasn't easy but all decisions have consequences and choosing Harry would have meant I would have to die and become a vampire while choosing Louis only meant I would have to change to a werewolf. So I chose loveable, funny Louis, I grew to hate Harry but when my cousin come's to live with me for some reason my feelings for Harry are slowly creeping back up on me but it would be betraying our ancient laws if we where to come together - If we where to love each other. I would be betraying Louis and I don't want to do that but every love has a fault and it looks like this is ours....
    Celebrities: Harry or Louis and some who looks like Heather please :-) I can't believe I'm 1/3 triplets... Kill me please lol.
    Genre: Fan-Fiction
    Quote: All Love Has Consequences And This Is Ours...'

    Thank's Mrs Tomlinson ;-)

    - Alexis Middleton
    Chloe Nicole And Alex. Browning Cover Store
    Chloe Nicole And...
    Chloe Nicole Tomlinson And Alex. Browning presents a FREE cover store! All you need to know is in the first chapter. xXx
    Chloe Nicole Tomlinson
    Done babes @[Alexis Middleton]
    Alexis Middleton
    5 years ago
    Thanks babes.
    Love that we're next to each other yet we're talking on the computer lol.
    - Alexis Middleton
    Chloe Nicole Tomlinson
    Yup @[Alexis Middleton]
  • Alexis Middleton
    OMFG - Chpter Three made me cry! What's wrong with you people! You're trying to mess with me - UPDATE!!!

    - Alexis Middleton
    So, where do I begin? My name's Elleanna Payne, no; I am not related to Liam Payne in any way, we just happen to have the same last name. Harry Styles though, his I know... Well knew, he was my bully;...
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