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Just a weird person :>

  • Allie-Kat

    mumbled "Been busy"

    Hey, sorry guys.. I'v been really really busy and I'm going to Florida with my dad on Monday so I'll probably not write for a week.. Sorry.. But I got my teeth pulled two day's ago and I've been healing so... Yeah I'm so sorry I've read all of your comments and I'm glad you like my story.
  • Allie-Kat

    mumbled "New Chapter"

    Thank you guys for 513 views!! I will be updating I wrote a new chapter like a couple minutes ago but I sent it to my dad to update it so thank you for seeing at whatever this story is becoming xD and I hope you stay until we end it but I really don't want it to end either so hopefully I don't get bored with this book (Most likely won't happen so don't worry xD) so yeah thank you for sticking around and be patient I might have the story back in about 10 or 20 minutes or 5 if i'm lucky and a good writer lol but yeah thank you and keep viewing, and favorite, and like it so yeah.. Bye!
  • Allie-Kat

    mumbled "Dad Editing"

    Hey guys! So, I made another chapter to Saving Michael but I sent it to my dad so he can edit it. That's what were going to do for every chapter so please be patient and thank you for 309 reads OMG!! Anyways yeah thank you I will try and make things interesting so you'll keep wanting more because I dint want you to get bored of the story. I get excited when you guys say "Post More!" because I know that My dad and I did good on the book so thank you! Have a nice day LOL bye!
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    mumbled "Saving Michael"

    Hey guys so i'll try to update tomorrow. My dad is going to a different state for a week in a half so yeah.. I'll try to make things interesting. I'm not that good but thank you for all the views of my book 209!!! Thank you!!
  • Allie-Kat

    mumbled "Another Chapter"

    I made another chapter to 'Saving Michael'. So yeah sorry that i didn't update this morning i would have and stuff but i'm Home Schooled and i usually get done in like 1 hour because i'm a fast learner and stuff. But I couldn't because i'm doing extra days Two days in One but yeah sorry for not updating so i'll try to update when I have time and stuff so yeah sorry for not updating. Bye!
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