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All Time Low - 7/28/17
Waterparks - 11/29/17
Twenty One Pilots - 10/16/18
Panic! at the Disco - 1/13/19
Palaye Royale / Weathers - 5/17/19
Weathers - 6/7/19
Little Big Town - 7/5/19
Shawn Mendes - 8/16/19
Weathers/ Badflower - 10/29/19
Echosmith/ Weathers - 2/14/2020
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  • Go2BedUCowrd

    mumbled "sad #2"

    1 Mi piace
    The person I met, his name is Emerson. He's 22. I'm almost 18. He's a drummer and he has a girlfriend. I've been noticed by bands and famous people before, and I've never felt like this before. I genuinely fell in love with him and I don't know what to do. I dont believe in love but when he pulled me in his arms, i felt so happy and soft. I felt like I knew him. I felt so comfortable around him. I've had PCD (post concert drepression) before but I usually get over it in a day or two. Its been 4 days. I miss Remington and Sebastian obviously...but something about Emerson...I just miss him SO FUCKING much and it makes me cry. I've been crying over him everyday
    6 months ago
    Geez! That happens to me before and girl, I was heartbroken.
    Jade Wolffe
    6 months ago
    1 Mi piace
    Love them too I hear you
    I'll take Remington, okay?
  • Go2BedUCowrd

    mumbled "sad :')"

    i really miss someone and idk what to do. I love him
    Rain :)
    6 months ago
    Have you tried talking or reconnecting with that person? X
    6 months ago
    1 Mi piace
    me too, but if they aren't in your life currently maybe there's a reason. stay strong and always remember your worth!! x
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