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My life pretty much consist of fangirling over a band that'll probs never even acknowledge my existence

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    mumbled "what the fuck"

    Right.... So I know I haven't been on here for 1 year but I forgot my password and I couldn't remember the email adress I used for this. I know there's probably going to be nobody that's gonna read this but if you want, I could finish the stories that I haven't finished on here,if you want. I'm so sorry for the people that might have wanted me to update but yeah. I actually feel so bad
    Dude, same! I haven't been on here in forever and I forgot everything too lol
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    mumbled "SEQUEL"

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    Guys! I'll be posting the sequel to Don't even Dare on Thursday! It's called Never again and i hope you'll like it! Also, i'll be posting a Calum Hood fanfic called Castaway on Saturday. Hope you're ready for it! Thanks s lot and well.... Goodbye love!
    4 years ago
    Woah it's been forever! I've missed you and yay can't wait
    4 years ago
    Cool, well I'll look forward to that!
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