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Hello Lovelies ❁
I'm Tatiana Marie, & 18 years young


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*Cutting Hurts Babe (Currently working on)
*Love Hangover (On Hold)
*Where do broken hearts go? (On Hold)
*Fearless Meets Reckless (On Hold)
*Internet Girl (Currently working on)
*Clouds (Currently working on)
*Stuck in Love (On Hold)

I am a Harry styles girl ღ
Harry, Naill, Louis, and Liam
OTRA {07.31.15 ♡ ❥}
July 23, 2010 8:22 pm 4 boys captured my heart 5 years ago.

"Don't choose the one who is beautiful to the world. But rather, choose the one who makes your world beautiful."
-Harry Styles

“My thoughts are stars I cannot fathom into constellations.”
-John Green (TFIOS)

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    mumbled "Back!"

    I'm finally back. Taking a month off of here was hard. I checked my notifications, but I haven't read or been active. I haven't updated anything for about two months now. I feel so bad and I will start updating tomorrow! I have so many tests and exams going on at the moment, but I owe it all to you guys :)
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    mumbled "Baby Freddie"

    2 I mi piace

    Freddie is so cute! Louis is going to be an amazing dad.
    4 years ago
    I thought his name was Sydney Rain...where did Freddie come from lol
    Music Saved Me
    4 years ago
    @[strontium] Louis tweeted on Twitter (along with the photo) that his name was Freddie.

    Now I can tell my mum his name... She's been really happy about this baby
    4 years ago
    Then I read some stupid articles then xD Blame snapchat for my confusion
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    mumbled "I'm where I want to be. "

    I haven't updated in about 2 months because of a bad break up. You're probably like oh wow. It was a rough time in my life so updating wasn't something that I cared for. After a month of being by myself and finding my happiness again, i'm ready for updating and being active again. I can say that i'm thankful for the break up because I wouldn't be this happy! New updates will come soon :)
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    mumbled "Happy new year"

    Hi guys happy new year. Hopefully this is your year!
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    mumbled "Feeling better!"

    Since thanksgiving a lot of stuff in my life has went to wrong way. But I'm learning to move on an accept it c: Everyday I get better an better an hopefully by Wednesday/Thursday I'll be my normal self c:
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    Everyone goes through tough times in their life... Believe me I've been there time and time again. Honestly if I didn't run towards the "light" that I couldn't see but was told to look for and run towards it, I don't know if I would be typing this right now... Let alone be on Movellas. Just know that if you ever need to talk to someone I'm here with open arms.