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Never know what to write on these things but I'm just a 14-year old girl from England who's obsessed with music. I'm a total geek who absolutely loves to read, I literally always have my nose in a book.
Please check out my fanfictions and I'll love you forever. Also, if you have any stories for me to read, let me know! :)

  • 1DirectionTiggs
    This is officially my favourite fanfic on movellas! I'm in love!!!!
    The Christmas I Turned Pretty
    The Christmas I...
    'After a long and boring three-hour drive, our car is finally driving down the familiar snow-covered streets. I gaze out of the car window at all the little shops I know so well. We are finally back in...
    6 years ago
    Whattttt? Ahh, that means so much to me! Thank you :)
    6 years ago
    Yeah, it's true, you are so fricking talented!
  • 1DirectionTiggs
    This is really amazing so far, your a seriously talented writer! Would you mind checking out one of my fanfictions please?
    Give Me Love *A Niall Horan Story*
    Give Me Love *A...
    Charlotte is just an ordinary girl. An ordinary girl who happens to be best friends with one of the most popular boys on the planet - Harry Styles! Charlottes life is not easy.. her boyfriend James beat...
    6 years ago
    Thx!? Sure, I'll check out your fanfics! Xx
    6 years ago
    sorry^^ my phone..-.-' it doesn't want to work.. what I meant is:
    Thx <3 Sure, I'll check out your fanfics! :) Xx
  • 1DirectionTiggs
    I love this so far, please update soon! And would you mind checking out one of my fanfictions please?
    Escaping kerala
    Escaping kerala
    Hope, a 17 year old girl, is trapped. She doesn't know why or where, but when a boy like her self joins her, she seeks an opportunity of escaping.
    6 years ago
    no problem!
  • 1DirectionTiggs
    I'm loving this already, please update soon! Would you mind checking out one of my fanfictions too please?
    Make It or Break It
    Make It or Break...
    "Do you even know what you are getting yourself into?" he said in a serious tone. I rolled my eyes towards the ceiling. "Oh please Styles, how hard can it actually be?" I said with a smart-elek tone....
  • 1DirectionTiggs
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    I'm really enjoying this far, the story line is one which I'm intrigued by! Would you mind checking out one of my fanfictions please?
    The Unexpected
    The Unexpected
    Crystal was walking the streets of London and she never expected to run into Harry Styles. Harry automatically falls for her. Crystal on the other hand, promised herself to not love him. She could easily...
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