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HELLO STARS!!! you guys know who i am ;) lol. I'm Alex and i love writing fan fics and i love reading other peoples stories. I LOVE ALL MY FANS! Without my fans and readers i would just be another loser writing pointless stories. You are all my little stars, and i love every single one of you, as friends/sisters!
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Niall read my comment 8/12/13 on twitcam - 1Directioner3
Teamcrafted, I love so many youtubers its ridiculous ~
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    mumbled "July 28th!!!"

    omg the kansas city concert was great!!! i went to that show with two of my friends and omg it was perfect!!! Liam smashed a naughty boy pinata and louis stomped on it and kicked it (he kicked it a few more times) Harry was being so sassy and being his dorky self, they had a llama puppet on stage and they named it dave...

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    Omg I went there too!!!
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    mumbled "Part 2!"

    i know i did basically give up on this site but u decided to start part 2 to Protectors! I know people asked before for it but i never got around to it. So i hope you guys like this series, i plan to make it dramatic!

    Also in 9 days im going to a concert so i wont be to active for obvious reasons when its about that day
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    mumbled "Back with a story!"

    Hello stars! Im back and i am writing another story and as i go i am putting them on movellas. I have 2 chapters so far that are unpublished and working on chapter three. I'm not going to say much about it but after i will upload the first chapter

    The story will be called "Unfriend you" and here's the catch, I plan on making this a series!
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    mumbled "im laying low for a little bit longer"

    okay stars i know i havent been active for what? a year or less? I plan on being active again but for a little while longer im just laying low. I need new ideas because everytime i try to write i get bored with it. The story im actually working on and taking my time with is turning out to be pretty good.

    It's called "The Experiment" And i will post it on here when i am finished typing it. Is that turns out good from now on ill just write off of word then post when i am finished. Bye for now my stars
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    mumbled "DIRECTIONERS! yahoo is talking crap about smg"

    Okay guys. So Yahoo is being completely racist!!! They said how Niall's part is the worst because of what he's wearing and who he's dancing with. Check this link out and vote NO ITS NOT RACIST