Lost In Flight

I wake to the sound of drums in my ears, to see a man standing next to me, a smile on his face and now hoping my feet will never touch the ground again.

Author's note

Hope you like it, as far as I know, there will only be one book. ;P

3. Blaire Stone

September, 9 2019

      I followed him to his class because I had a free period and I just wanted to see him, sweat ran down his back, his skin was sun tanned and he was the most handsome boy I had ever known, I couldn't look away. his onyx hair, his silver eyes, his pale lips, though I knew the touch must be warm.


      I loved everything about him, the way he looked, the way he treated other people no matter the circumstance, everything, I wanted him from the start, but I could tell that his heart belonged to another, so in stepping down I wouldn't get in the way.


      That is what I wanted.

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