New in Inkopolis

Zack was able to escape the metro with the rest of his friends and relative, but there was one problem, he didn't make it in one piece, but his mother was able to find him new limbs that give him more power. But there was one girl inkling he likes and is his partner. Normal doesn't stay in Inkopolis city, they can encounter new events, but these events can become new allies. Join these four heroes while they fight enemies from different dimensions.

Author's note

This may have blood and gore when they fight demons from hell.

2. Awaken

I wake up trying to figure out how I'm alive. I look around the room and- Wait, this isn't my home, if this isn't my room, then whose room is it? I put my hand on my head and think, but I heard a Clank. "What the hell," I said, after looking at my arms. My arms are like... mechanical or replace, but why? I tried to get up, but I fell on my knee. Even my legs are replaced. OK, I don't know how I'm alive, but I think I was in stasis after stopping Commander TarTar, my armor was tough, but my limbs were destroyed after the blast. I got dressed and walk outside, and I walk from my sidewalk to the street, and an inkling yelled to me, "Hey octoling, what are doing on the street?" I told him, "You'll see." I transformed into a car to demonstrate. His jaw dropped, never seen a octoling become a car before, guess not. I was driving down the highway and arrived to the plaza, but I don't want people to see a car become a octoling because it won't make sense, so I transformed behind the cars and walk out. I tried to keep a low profile and launch myself into the air and turned into the cybertronian aircraft: the Ark. Mean while (we're going from Zack point of view to Sonia point of view) at Octo canyon, I was wondering where Zack gone to, "Has anyone seen Zack?" said Rina, she was the mother of Zack, worried sick. "No, we haven't seen Zack anywhere." said Marie, we don't know where he is. We thought where he went and Callie spoke up, "Um, where did that giant ship come from?" we all look at the mountain and were mind blown except Rina. "That my son." she said. Then part of the jet engine blew up, we all said "Oh no" in our heads.



*for video play, start at 1:58 and end at 2:07 and pretend the moon is the canyon.

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