How to prunonce Canadian states and cities. EH

The real deal of language up in the snow and great northern, EH...

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1. How canadian Cities are prunonced, EH.

How to pronounce Canada cities.

British Colombia = Br-EH-tish Colombi-EH
Alberta = Albert-EH
Manitoba - Manitob-EH
New Brunswick = N-EH Brunsw-EH-k
New Foundland and Labrador = N-EH-Found-L-EH-nd
Nova Scotia = Nov-EH Scot-EH
Nunavul = Nunavut-EH
Ontario = Ontari-EH-o
Prince Edward Island = Prince EH-ward Islan-EH
Quebec = Qu-EH-bec
Saskatchewen = sask-EH-tch-EH-w-EH-n
Calgary = Calgar-EH

What's this aboot anyway...what is a name, eh?


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