Family Values


1. short story

Dustin and Kailey are siblings and love each other. Ever since their mom died a few years ago to breast cancer and their dad left them, their uncle Bob has been taking care of them. Uncle Bob never wanted kids but they are family and he can't throw them in the streets. He lets them stay in his attic for now until they could find someone to adopt them in to there family. So uncle bob was just making renovations to the attic he was going to make it bigger and add a door with a ladder next to it. They never really saw their uncle. He was always busy so Dustin and Kailey went down to their friends house every day. Dustin played soccer with his friend Mason and Kailey played dress-up with her friend Abby so they always got food there and there uncle bob never has to take care of them. So one day uncle bob Kailey and Dustin were all out in the store shopping for some food. uncle bob saw someone he new and her name was Isabella. The way he looked at her Kailey new that their uncle had either a girlfriend or a super crush on her. Uncle Bob was talking to her and didn't say anything right or what he intended to say. Kailey and Dustin ran over to him to help him out and have something to talk about.

Isabella- Bob are these your children?

Bob- well yes but my sister wanted me to take care of them when she passed away and their father left them. I am kinda taking care of them till we can find a good family for them.

Isabella- I'm so sorry. I didn't know.

Kailey- hi miss my name is Kailey and this is my brother Dustin are you dating our uncle?

Isabella- no what would make you think that well i don't know maybe...

Bob- OK kids it's time for you to go in the car and eat your candy.

Dustin- but..

Bob- No buts here are 3 dollars go nuts.

Kailey- thanks. nice to see you miss.

Isabella- you too honey.

Bob kids, what can we do.

Isabella- I know what we can do we can go out this Friday night.

BOB- yeah sure I can pick you up at 7:00 pm.

Isabella- it's a date.

Then they both walked off. Dustin and Kailey were both in the window peaking and turned to each other and gave each other a double high five. Then there uncle came out and they ran into the car.

Bob- What am i going to do with you two.

Kailey- You can thank us cause you were going nowhere without the help of your two fabulous niece and nephew.

Bob- Now that's offensive but thanks.

Dustin- So where are you going out and when.

Bob- Well, that is for me to know and you not to find out.

So Uncle Bob drove home and when he got home they were fast asleep on each other in the back seat. He took Kailey out of her seat belt and carried her inside first. He put her in her pajamas and tucked her into bed. He went back for Dustin and carried him up to bed and placed him in his pajamas as well. Dustin woke up.

Dustin- Uncle Bob if you and the lady ever get married what will you do with me and Kailey.

Bob- Don't worry you are not going anywhere without me finding you guys a family. Now go back to sleep.

Then they all went to bed. The next morning uncle Bob went for his run and Kailey and Dustin were still asleep. Kailey wakes up crying. Dustin goes into her bed to comfort her.

Dustin- What wrong?

Kailey- Well I just had this terrible dream.

Dustin- What was it?

Kailey- Well Isabella and uncle bob got married and they both abandoned us. We ended up going to an orphan home and a family took you away from me and left me there alone and no one to talk to except a bear I got for Christmas.

Dustin- Well that will never happen uncle bob said he will find us a home and never split us apart. Quick he's coming.

Bob- Hey children how was your sleep?

Dustin- Good. How was your run?

Bob- It was fantastic I .... I shouldn't let you two bud into my love life.

Kailey- What did you see Isabella?

Bob- Maybe and maybe we are going out tonight.

Kailey- Good for you but what about us?

Well you two can spend the night at Mrs. Marshall's house tonight with Abby and mason. Deal?

Dustin- Deal.

Bob- Kailey?

Kailey- Yeah sure.

Well that night came and they went out leaving Kailey and Dustin at Mrs. Marshall's house. He dropped them off and then left.

Mrs. Marshal- Hey Kailey I was just wondering if you don't mind me asking, but do you ever feel any love from your uncle bob?

Kailey- …...No. He always drops us off here and goes and does his own things. Why?

Mrs. Marshal- Oh just wondering.

The night was over and they went home the next day. Kailey went downstairs to get breakfast early and saw a small box on the kitchen counter. Uncle Bob was in the shower. She curiously goes to open the box and finds a ring inside.. She places the ring back where She found it and runs up to Dustin.

Kailey- Dustin, Dustin, Dustin!!!!! Guess what I found!!

Dustin- What did you find?

Kailey- I found a diamond ring?

Dustin- What?

Kailey- You heard me. Uncle bob is going to ask her!

Dustin- Uncle Bob is going to ask who what?

Kailey- You idiot, uncle bob is going to propose to Isabella. The girl he likes.

Dustin- What does propose mean?

Kailey- It means he is going to ask her to marry him.

Dustin- Oh.

Uncle bob is done in the shower. We didn't see anything.

Uncle Bob came out of the bathroom dressed very professionally. he goes in the kitchen and grabbed his coat and the ring.

Kailey- Uncle bob?

Bob- What I am really busy right now.

Kailey- Do you love us?

Bob- Why do you ask?

Kailey- Just because we don't feel the love.

Bob- course I do love you.

Dustin- Well what are you going to do with us after today?

Bob- What do you mean?

Kailey- You are going to propose to Isabella.

Bob- What makes you think that?

Kailey- The diamond ring. I found it on the counter this morning.

Bob- Oh that. I don't no yet but I will not abandon you two sweet knuckle heads.

Kailey- OK uncle good luck.


So that night uncle bob and Isabella went out to a fancy restaurant and then the beach. On the beach uncle bob got on one knee and said Isabella can you make me the happiest man alive and be my wife? She started crying and hugged him and said yes so many times. They went home that night and the kids were already in bed by uncle bob's mother also the kids grandma.

Bob- I'll tell them in the morning.

Isabella- Hey Bob what are you going to do with those sweet children when we get married?

They had a long talk about the kids and what do do without hurting them. The next morning approached and they woke up and Dustin then had the dream that Kailey had the night before. They were sure that he was going to abandoned them. Uncle bob went upstairs and before he said anything Kailey blurted out what they were both thinking.

Kailey- what did she say!?

He had a down look on his face and looked at the ground than back to her.

Bob- She said.........yes!

Kailey- Aaaaaaahhhhhhh OMG really I am so excited for you.

Dustin- But uncle what will you do with us?

Bob- We will have to put you up for adoption.

Dustin- Oh.

Kailey- Well congrats uncle. I am going to go for a walk.

Bob- Kailey wait.

Uncle bob was left in the room alone and then Isabella came.

Isabella- So did you tell them?

Bob- yes I did.

Isabella- Well how did it go?

Bob- Well it went really well till Kailey found out we had to put them up for adoption.

Isabella- Bob what would you say if we adopted them?

Bob- are you serious?

Isabella- Oh bob they sure do love you and I know you love them too but you have to show it a little more.

Bob- OK I need to go talk to them.

Bob was really happy and gave Isabella a huge hug and ran off to go find Kailey and Dustin.

Kailey- I knew it Dustin he is going to throw us out.

Bob- Kailey wait up.

Kailey- What do you want uncle bob.

Bob- Can I just talk to you.

Kailey- Yeah sure before you throw us out.

Dustin- Kailey maybe it's good. Just let him.

Bob- I am not throwing you guys out. Let me just say you don't have to call me uncle anymore.

Dustin- What should I call you?

Kailey- bob.

Bob- No you can call me dad.

Dustin- What do you mean?

Kailey- Wait really?


Kailey- OMG I love you I love you. Wait does that mean?

Bob- Yes Dustin is still your brother and Isabella is your new step-mom.

They had the wedding and bob and Isabella had one more child to make three and lived happily ever after.

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