"Text Me."

Two individuals with two completely different lives. Sure, they may be miles apart, but that won't stop them.

"I'll meet you one day."


"I promise."

13I mi piace

Author's note

Okay just kidding, that was on purpose. Anyway, I just want to thank you personally for coming to read my first texting story.

Honestly, I’ve loved the idea of them for a while, and I’m finally putting it up to work. Hopefully in the future there will be things like FaceTime calls, phone calls, and an eventual meet up. I’m so excited to write this! So, I hope you enjoy it.

And also, if you have any memes or vines or just anything that you think is funny, just put it down in the comments and I’ll see about incorporating it into my story. Thanks again, and I hope you enjoy “Text Me.”

Note: The boy in the story is not an actual grandpa. It's just the girl's nickname for him because he's so annoying.
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