poems of my own

these are my own poems. some fnaf, some not. hope you like them!

1I mi piace

1. monsters (FNAF Foxy poem)

 we lurk in the shadows

i hide behind the curtain hallows

this is a prison to me

oh, how i want to break free!

All we are are monsters

life went on short coasters

now we live in the dark as monsters.


3 years out of service, mate

3 years to discuse his fate.

5 more to help us out

5 more to chase this lout.

all we are are monsters

Life was on short coasters

now we hunt him like monsters.


now he took his own life

he took ours with a knife

the yellow bunny costume

it's locks has just spelt his doom.

all we were are monsters

life was on short coasters

now this blaze was caused by monsters.


we live in your house

to chase the rest of this louse

no fear child, we are shadows

just old monsters from your deathly hallows

all you are are monsters

life is on short coasters

now , puppet, you live among monsters.

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