A Shinning Star

This is a poem I just came up with


1. A Shinning Star

A star so bright shining blue is the moonlight
A girl with a heart and a beautiful smile shining through
A girl so sweet with a heard as rosie and cherry blossoms in the bloom
The smile of the women so sweet so and her laugh is amazing to hear
SO let a star be born in the morning light

Let her voice be heard in a crowd of delight
Her voice sings out as morning birds
And her hair is long with the most beautiful curls
Let the girl blossom and shine
Cause she is a star in our mind.

Let girl swim and sing like the kids
Let he dance and sing in the moonlight
The girl who has given us everything in life
The girl that everyone wants in life

So let the star shine in the moonlight
Let her voice be heard because it’s so nice
Let her be free let her see
How much she means to you and me


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