Made by Man

Abigail was just a normal girl with a very strict mom. She was kidnapped trying to calm down one day and made into an experiment. She escapes a whole new person. Her eyes and hair. The fact that she can change into a wolf. Yeah. A wolf. She also discovers the werewolf aren't just myth. Now she's struggling with the world she's only read in books and with herself not accepting the creature she has now become. Being real just made things a lot scarier and dangerous.

EDITING IN PROGRESS!!! I will try to edit at least one a day . I am just making the chapters more descriptive, hopefully without changing the story too much.

Author's note

I am so happy that this book came out like it did. I'm going to be publishing it soon on amazon so I might be taking it down from here. I don't know. I might keep it up.
L'autore ha classificato questa movella come giallo, il ché significa che non è appropriato per gli utenti sotto 13 anni.
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