Empress of Sand - A Visual Novel

A Visual Novel Script-in-Progress.

Aisha, heir to the Asakhara Empire, is exiled by her brother. Now she plots revenge, gathering allies and enemies alike in order to shed the blood of one...or the blood of all that live under the Sun.


1. 0 - Character Sheet


Protagonist: Aisha, Crown Princess of Asakhara. Brilliant, beautiful, quick to laugh and quick to anger, blunt and severe and easily bestows trust or contempt. In her eagerness to do good she overlooks courtesy and others’ pride.

Her younger brother, Bashaar, Keeper of the Law. Stoic, unsmiling, unreadable and unfathomable.

Her father, Daarnik II, Emperor Under the Sun, Conqueror of the East.

Her infant brother, Daarnik (Junior).

Her butler and man-at-arms, Ehsan.


The Four Generals, each the leader of their home province:

Kael, Seneschal of the West, betrothed to princess Aisha. Bronze skinned, brown hair, medium build, tall, wears a half-mask to cover the burn mark on his left forehead. Initial attitude toward protag: dutiful and polite in public, cold and calculating in private.


Siegfried, Seneschal of the North, renowned warrior. Pale skinned, blond air, muscular build, bearded, stocky, scar over left eye. Initial attitude toward protag: contempt and mockery in public, awkward and affectionate in private.


Moros, Seneschal of the South, head of the merchant houses. Dark skinned, young, medium height, gently spoken. Initial attitude toward protag: sincere and reserved in public, sincere and reserved in private (with a dash of repressed batshit obsessive crazy).


Akai, Seneschal of the East, in rebellion. Asian complexion, tall, androgynous, atheletic, quick-tempered. Brash and crass in public, sarcastic and unserious in private.

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