Life's Journey

Bella wakes up in this strange land not remembering anything. Visions and dreams help her remember who she is but how can she get back to her real life? Does she want to return? If you could change your life forever would you?


1. awaken

The light of the room wakes me up. Lying in the middle of an empty room all alone. I don't remember a lot from the night before. It was all a blur. I get up confused and frightened. The door opened from the right side of me and a girl around 17 my age was there.

"Where am I and what am I doing here?" I say to her.

She replied "do not be alarmed Bella but my name is Amelia. Come with me."

Hesitantly I go with her. Walking through the hallway I notice how it's just Amelia and me.

"So Where exactly am I? Am I dead? What happened to me? Why can I not remember anything? What..."

I ramble on asking tons of questions wanting answers but not really wanting to know the truth. Amelia is calm and very patient with me.

"your memory should come back eventually and you are not exactly dead."

What does she mean by not actually dead? Can I leave? But do I want to leave and go back to my life? I really didn't have friends or someone who cared for me. The last thing I remember is being at school and leaving my last class to go home. I was zoned off and we walked into small room. It had a bed and a book shelf with one or two books in it.

"This is going to be your room for the night."

Walking into the room still so confused and frustrated. I can't remember anything. Amelia started to leave but I needed some kind of answers.

"Amelia wait! What happened to me? Why am I hear?"

I was scared and just an innocent 16 year old wanting to go home.

"Bella, you are here for a second chance. You have to find out how to help yourself. I will be back tomorrow morning. We have some things to talk about. Take some time to think and get to know the place a little. good night."

SOME things to talk about! I don't know where I am or how I got here. Maybe this is just all a dream and if I go to sleep now, I will wake up tomorrow and none of this ever happened. I get into bed and can't sleep. Walking around always calms me down so I go for a walk. Outside I find a garden and many beautiful sights in the background. I live in the city and all you hear is cars and loud noises. The birds were chirping and you could hear the sound of the wind breezing through the trees. It is very peaceful. I head back in the rays of the sunset from far away and go to bed. I lye in bed just thinking about why I am here. But the major question that came to me is do I actually want to go back?

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