Zoe Khan

Quick idea I got for a story and wanted to just try it out: Don't know if I should make it into a longer story - let me know.

4I mi piace

1. One shot



Zoe Khan looked at the ripped lingerie in his hands and felt a feeling of emptiness and sadness creeping up on him. His fingers slowly followed the silky fabric’s lines, studying the fibres, trying to understand how this had happened. His focus moved from the soft object in his hands to the shakiness of his fingers. He could feel his heartbeat, the adrenalin pumping through his veins, making it impossible for him to keep his hands still. He had to calm himself down and looking at the red underwear wasn’t helping. The lingerie was thrown at the bed where it laid in a pile of its own ruined fabric.


Zoe turned against the window trying to make his heartrate a little slower. He reflected on his surroundings. How did he end up here? Mountains rose in the distance, making him feel like he was captured in a cage without a chance of getting free. Now that he thought of it, he really was being kept in this locked room against his own will. If he really wanted to, he could make the jump out of the window and flee, but even though he’d never admit to it, Zoe wanted to stay, wanted to see how the reactions of his actions was. Once again, his hands began to shake.'


Then, by some of the bushes, Zoe saw a glance of something in the distance. Or rather a figure of someone. He recognised it as Jack. He tried to swallow the lump in his throat. It was time. He took a few steps back towards the bed, trying to keep his mind clear. He had a goal and now he had the opportunity. It felt like ages before Zoe finally heard steps out in the hallway, indicating Jack approaching. The door unlocked and opened.


In the doorframe was a man red in the face, taking deep breaths in the attempt of cooling his temper. He was tense and Zoe saw how Jack’s fat fingers was shaking just as much as his owns. Zoe didn’t know what to say so he just stood there. “I hate you,” broke up the silence and hit Zoe like a brick to the face. “I hate you and I want justice.” Jack took a step forward. Automatically Zoe took a step back.


Zoe looked back in hurt. Looked at the mountains out of the window and saw how the moon was rising behind them. He felt tears collecting in the corner of his eyes and quickly blinked them away. A deep breath and a glance at the ripped lingerie at the bed gave Zoe the courage he needed. He caught Jack’s gaze. One more deep breath. And he was ready. “I love you, Jack” he said, his voice cracking.  


In response, Jack took a small step back and looked fuzzed at Zoe, his feelings mangled like a melodic map. Jack studied Zoe’s face looking for a clue about what the hell was going on. He moved his gaze to Zoe’s shoulder following the lines of the veins all the way down to his clutched hands. This definitely made him forget about the rage in his chest for a while, but as soon as he remembered why he was in this dirty hotel room in the first place, the rage and hatred filled up his chest and flowed all the way up to his head.


“There’s a reason we locked you in here,” he began. Jack wanted to sound harsh and without emotions, but the words came out wrong, revealing how much he actually cared. “I’m sorry but I don’t feel the same way…” he looked quickly at his hands, trying to get this over with as fast as possible even though it felt like cutting into his own chest with every word he spoke. “…and I never will.” Jack felt like a volcano full of emotions, ready to explode every minute. But he had to contain himself in front of Zoe. He had to keep his mouth shut even though there was so many things he wanted to tell him. Even though he wanted to warn him. Jack knew what was going to happen to Zoe the next morning, and he was actually happy that Zoe only would be told right before it would happen.


Jack could hear Zoe’s feelings shatter into a million pieces, leaving the trace of hurt all over his face. Jack picked up the façade he had been walking around with and turned around to exit the room. Zoe’s hands were numb. It was all over and now he had nothing left. He had known the risk of what he had done and he had figured out what would happen to him the next day, but he had thought that maybe if he just once opened up, he would have the chance of peace and happiness. He heard the door being locked from the outside before he heard the steps of the volcano walking away. 

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