Story Ideas

One shot and story idea's


1. Alternate Universes #1



~Modern royalty AU where Person A is royalty and the Person B is not and the media goes crazy at the news that Person A has found someone they love.


~Accidentally read his/her diary AU where Person A finds a very interesting hand written book that is much more than a book, and Person B is horrified that they read it.


~Rockstar and groupie AU where Person A is a famous singer and Person B is in love with them and their music.


~Book Club AU where Person A and Person B meet in a book club at their local library or book store.


~Met at Comic Con AU where they met is full cosplay, so when they meet up on their first date, they're shocked when they see the other looking normal, and surprisingly attractive.


~Lifeguard AU where Person A is a lifeguard, and Person B starts drowning.


~1920's con artists AU where Person A is a con artist, and Person B is their most recent mark.


~Running from the Police AU where Person A is on the, and runs into Person B/holds them hostage/hides in their house and they come home/had robbed Person B.


~Internet friends AU where Person A and Person B finally get to see each other in person.


~Time traveling AU where Person A is a time traveler and falls in love with Person B, but can't act on it because it might affect the time line.

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