Just a game?

An imagine of you and Michael Clifford..... And a twisted spirit on halloween.
As you and Mikey try to play the ouija board something horrible happens and Michael has disappeared.
Where did he go and will you find him?


1. are you sure?

// hey guys! so this is my first chapter of my first book!!! 
I hope you all enjoy it!

sorry its short chapter :)
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"Come on Y/N, it's just a stupid game .... You don't actually believe in all this do you?" Michael said to you with a warm, giggly smile as he watched you slowly drinking your hot chocolate trying to avoid answering the question. "I don't know Mikey, I've heard a lot of bad things about oujia boards and I just don't want anything bad to happen" you say in a softly trying to not show how scared you are through your voice.

Michael got the board off a cheap online magic shop, he thought it would be fun to play since his parents weren't home and it was on halloween. You thought it was stupid but you still came. 

You and Michael were just about to graduate in 2 weeks time from high school. You made plans together to travel after school finished, you and Mikey were madly in love with each other and had been together for 2 years, you were high school sweethearts. You and Mikey meet when you were in year 10, you guys had an instant connection from that first time you meet out in the school hallway where you bumped into him and dropped all your books in front of him. Michael had the deepest, most beautiful green eyes that you had ever seen, he had this crazy light purple hair that only he could pull of, his smile could say a thousand words. He was perfect for you.You had a really bad feeling about playing the board but there was something about Michaels smile that always made you feel safe. You always think of how lucky you are to have a boyfriend like him.

"I promise I'll protect you. You're safe with me" Michael says with eyes full of hope that you will agree to play with him.

You've always hated Halloween, everything about it, the fact that little kids could run around the streets where anyone can grab them And no one would notice as they are all engaged by their surroundings, the decorations and costumes, the fake blood dripping down the walls, the carved pumpkins that watch your every step thorough their hollow eyes, but there was something about Michaels soft voice that made you calm and safe so you gave in to his sweet smile and said yes.

Michael dimmed the lights in the living room and lit a few candles around to set the 'mood' while you sat on the floor with the board right in front of you. You couldn't help but wonder if its really true about this mysterious board 'game'. There have been so many stories about bad things happening while playing it.It was around 11 pm when you and Mikey had finished setting up the mysterious bard.

"Are you ready for this?" Michael asks as he puts his hands on the planechette

"As ready as I'll ever be" you say as you slide his fingers through his on the little piece of wood.....



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