Stressed Out (A TØP Fan Fiction)

Natasha is in love with twenty øne piløts. She loves both Tyler and Josh... Tyler is secretly her #1 favourite between the two. She resonates with Tyler in the fact of having Blurryface... She's self conscious in herself

Tyler Joseph, age 27, has been feeling stressed out because of Blurryface. He doesn't know how to get rid of him...

What happens when these two try to fight off Blurryface, the self consciousness, together? Will they go their separate ways? Or will they combine together and fall for each other?

DISCLAIMER | I know this book is titled Stressed Out.. And I know that this is probably going to center around Blurryface.. But hear me out, this is all really centered toward the song.. Be patient with me. I'll try this and if people like it, I'll keep it.

CØVER CREDITS TØ @Beautifully Musical Nerd

7I mi piace

1. Preface

Tyler woke up and knew that Josh needed him to practice, because they were going to go to Seattle, to the Key Arena, to play a show. But Blurryface wanted him to stay home. All Tyler could hear was "Your a loser Tyler. You can't sing worth a shit. Life isn't what its cracked up to be.. You think its good, but you have me, the evil Blurryface. And I'm sorry to say that you don't deserve the spotlight." Tyler screamed. "Stop it!!! I can't bear this any longer!" Tyler had to deal with Blurryface since he was young. He still didn't understand why he said those things.. "Was i really that bad?" He thought. He texted Josh and said "He's back. Blurryface is back. And worse than ever." 


Natasha's phone went off and she got up from bed to look at it to see this, "Tyler Jøseph may not be going on tour. Source says that he's dealing with Blurryface again and he's worse than ever" Natasha's eyes filled with tears. She dared not to let them fall. She had a backstage ticket as well as the show ticket to see Tyler and Josh. Without Tyler, how is the concert going to go on? Natasha's tears eventually fell when the voice came to tell her, 'You are not going to feel special when you meet Tyler. He has the same condition you do. You guys can't escape us.' *First chapter of Stressed Out. I hope you guys will love this book. The chapters will be longer over time. Love ya guys*

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