Falling in Love with Detective Minds (A 5SOS and Criminal Minds Crossover)

Three girls join the FBI.... Grace, Kate, and Natasha Four guys run the BAU portion of the FBI... Unit Chief Hemmings, TA Clifford, Dr. Irwin, and SSA Hood. What will happen when these agents of the FBI end up being more than just colleagues?

Read on to find out more!

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1. Character Bio- Natasha

Well hello! My name is Natasha and I work, no I WILL be working for the FBI in the Behavioral Analysis Unit otherwise know as the BAU. I had my interview with the Unit Chief, Luke Hemmings. But he likes to be referred to as Luke. In case you wanted to know, I'm 23 and I've done crime fighting like this... Except I was a cop. But not for New York City.. I had my job in Mullingar, Westmeath, Ireland. I was born and raised there until my parents moved her when I was four years old. So there's my back story..... ------- Hope you guys enjoy this book! I came up with the storyline. The idea. To the others who are writing this book and everyone else who hasn't seen criminal minds, if you haven't seen criminal minds, YOU NEED TO WATCH IT!!!! ITS SO GOOD!!!!
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