zodiac: demons arise

this is a prologue to the next book in the series, its about a man named ryan maey. he is a human mage, in a world of war between the three great races demons, evil creatures who want to enslave humans. angels, gods first creation, want to rid the world of all evil. and humans, a wild card they all have different intentions but "unite" under a single banner.


1. chapter 1- prologue

the mans real name is ryan but on the council his name is kyle, this is because he needs protection. The magi is the strongest mage in the kingdom of man, magic is created through magic energy. something that all sentient life has, how its manifested depends on the users personality. The world has been ravaged by war between the angels and humans, god saw that humans destroyed more than they created and that they were evil. He himself is not a destroyer so he had to order the angels to eliminate humans and demons alike. however, there are two ranks of gods: destroyers, destroy everything they see in order to lay the foundation of new worlds and creators which create new life and new worlds. however there is only one creator left and no destroyers they were wiped out. no one knows by who or how...



a man with short black hair sat in a chair in a library surrounded by young children with a book in hand. "today were reading the short history of humans" he said happily to them, the children cheered and scooted more closely to him. he opened the book and started to speak "once the humans didnt have freedom, they were slaves to an ancient evil that we call demons. After centuries of this the humans decided to start a war with the demons for their freedom. the humans escaped the demons and found a place to hide and set up a kingdom. it is now called canada but was once mar'zall's kingdom, also known as the demon of the west. the humans fought the demons in the country back and their kingdom flourished." he said slowly and calmly "but one day they will come back and try to destroy us." he said still looking at the book "when?" a brown haired child asked his eyes sparkled. "we don't know" Ryan replied slightly upset by the answer himself



"anyway that is it for today you guys need to head to mage training" he exclaimed the children all whined quickly before taking off down a hallway to their lesson. the man sighed "i know your there magi" he whispered "awww damn i thought i got you this time, and my names not magi! its han" the new man yelled "whatever, im supposed to call you by your rank not name" the first snapped back "whatever you suck ryan" han retorted. ryan sighed and left the library quickly. "quick call!" he said as he waved his hand and a blue light appeared eventually turning into a window with a women on the other side with long black hair, and piercing green eyes. "yes ryan" she said clearly annoyed "the magi needs to be kept on restraints" he said quickly "im sorry but its not-" she said before being interrupted "by order of council member kyle i order you!" he yelled "yes, Councillor" she mumbled angrily 






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