A Rose to the Heart

For the "Heartbroken" writing competition.

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1. A Rose to the Heart



It's a dark night and I stare at the ceiling,

Trying not to think about what I may be feeling.

There's the chirp of crickets and the glow of the moon,

And I'm only hoping I can fall asleep soon.

But there's that whisper in my mind that I can't ignore, 

The way she looked in the dress she wore,

Or was it her eyes that caught mine with a start

With a look that tore through me like a rose to the heart.

And now I'm stuck thinking about the way she can smile,

But it's nice to let my thoughts linger for a while.

First they linger and then they fly,

And then another thought comes to pry:

About why I will only think and never act 

Because I know I'm not one with the tact

To charm her like she has me.

I don't want to relinquish my dignity 

To someone who I know is indifferent in return,

And if she were to happen to learn 

What I thought of her truly inside 

Well, she'd leave me with damaged pride.

But part of me wants to tell her

Because even if we'll never be together,

She ought to know the beauty I see 

Maybe it'd work if I was only a 'he'.

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