The Realization of Dreams

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1. The Realization of Dreams

Why is it, that we dream?
Chasing after fantasies
Are our lives so boring?
So boring we rather spend time toying with what we could become!
Forget what we have, 
It has already been done

We need something new,
Something exciting
God forbid we ever wake

We run through our lives,
We run with such haste
That when it ends, 
It comes as a surprise
But isn't life supposed to be the prize were after
Not dreams of the future, but the moments of laughter
Why is it that we forget?

We forget who we are
We are good enough, but we say we're not
We're told to have dreams,
But never told when to stop

We are humans after all

As sad or beautiful as that might seem,
Isn't being who we are, suppose to be the dream
Dreams don't bring us happiness because we realize they are just dreams

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