the only reason

it all started that september night.
summer was raped.
no one believed her,
not even her boyfriend,
But michael did.


1. "i never knew this would happen to me"

Summer's P.O.V

The colored LED lights danced on every wall, the tangy smell of alcohol filled the room. Tonight is probably the biggest party of the year, and I was invited. It's Mitch Martin's 18th birthday, and only the popular kids were invited. I'm still wondering how, or why, I ended up here. My phone buzzed, so I took out the rose gold item from the back pocket of my white pants. "Michael" was spelled across the top of the screen, so I pressed the green accept button. "Michael, what do you want?" I asked, laughing. He probably couldn't even hear me over the sounds of the DJ. MIchael and I have a really close bond, which makes us best friends. He has band practice, and he was the only one in his band invited, but he took one for the team. My boyfriend was out of town, so he told Michael to take care of me. "Stay safe, Sum. Don't get too drunk." I felt myself smile because of him being so protective. "I will Mike. I have to go, I'll stop by later. I won't be here all night. Bye." I heard him groan. "One second- Luke, shut up! You can't play drums! I'm talking to Summer!" I laughed. "No, I don't love her! Sorry, about that. Luke says hi." I rolled my eyes. "Bye, Mikey." He almost said something, but the Maggie came up behind me and clicked the end call button. "Come on, Summer! Let's dance!" I slid my phone back in my pocket. "Maggie! I was talking to Michael-" A drunk Georgie came up and grabbed my hand. "If you love Michael so much, just dump Harry and date him instead!" She laughed. I shook my head. "Don't say that Georgie." Maggie laughed, grabbing the cup from G's hand and took a sip of it. "I'm dating Ashton, so I can just ask him to ask Michael if he would ever date you." G came in between us. "I'm dating Calum!" She yelled, giggling. "G, Calum is gay." She shook her head. "Oh, shit. I forgot. I'm single! I'm gonna go talk to that guy over there. Bye!" She stumbled away, leaving me and Maggie. "Sum, you gotta dump him! He treats you do horrible! You and Michael are meant to be, while Harry treats you like trash! You are so much better than that!" I rolled my eyes again. "God dammit, Maggie! Can we just dance and not talk about Harry?! He loves me, and I love him too!" Maggie groaned. "Just saying. Let's go dance." She grabbed my hand and pulled me out in the color of the dance floor. We danced for a good 15-20 minutes, until my mouth started to get dry. "Mag, I'm going to grab a beer. Want anything?" She screamed something over "talk dirty", so I would just grab her a beer. I almost reached the drink table, but someone put a cup in my hand. I just shrugged, and the hot, liquid drained down my through. Suddenly, I was tired. My eyes started to droop. I needed to find a trash can to throw out the cup. "The trash is over here." A dark voice spoke, taking my hand. "Ok." I asked, voice fluttering. But, i ended up outside. I wanted to scream, I wanted to yell. But it was either that, or darkness. I chose darkness.

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