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  • Pubblicato: 6 mar 2016
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This story is about life its about our parents.We should respect our parents and elders.


1. The start

We were born from our mothers.We were small babies and were in our mother's lap.Our father would buy us clothes,food everything.Our parents would love us.They took care of us they treated us very well.Our parents showed us how the world is.We holded their finger and learned how to walk.They showed everything.We begin to grow.We were in the age to go to school,our parents admitted us in school.They bought us copies,pens colors etc for school and for our happiness.They fulfilled every wish of ours.They did everything. We became stubborn and would want everything and they fulfilled it.We became mannerless because our parents fulfilled every wish of ours and did everything for us.When we get grown up our parents get old and we dont care to take care of them but just go and party and celebrate our happiness.

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