story of another us

margo never thought change existed.
she thought he was a nerd.
a nobody.
a reject.
but the only nobody was her.

1. ~1~

)U.K. Margo's P.O.V

"Shut up! You asshole! You fucked her!" I yelled, glaring my eyes at him. "And so! You lost your virginity to me, so why can't other people?" He scoffed. "Because I'm your girlfriend!" I ran my fingers through my colored hair. "I was just being caring!" He slurred. "You're drunk." He giggled. "Am not." I was so done. "You know what, Max? We're are through!" He rolled his eyes. "I don't care! Bye bitch!" I walked out the stained glass door. It was pouring, the wet drops madding my hair and making it stick to my face. That's when I felt it hit my leg. The glass bottle. He threw it at me. I collapsed to the ground. I heard a door slam and looked down, feeling dizzy and shaky. Glass and blood mixed together, beginning to stain the edge of my white shorts. I looked around the rainy street, and there wasn't a figure in sight. Rain poured and dumped on me like buckets. I thought it was hopeless until daylight, until the house next to Max's light turned on. I saw a blurry figure look out to me and dash away. What was it doing? I heard it talking and screaming and finally a boy walked out. He was wearing a pokemòn shirt and Star Wars pajama pants. Oh god, please don't be him. Another boy walked out into the rain, while the other stood under the balcony. "What are you dsining?" The one in the rain asked, lisp obviously showing. He was fixing his headgear. "I'm helping her! She might be hurt!" His braces shone in the moonlight, reflecting in his glasses. He had a towel and a first aid kit. Of course with my luck, it was Lucas Hemmings, the most nerdiest softmore, almost junior, ever. He was such a loser. He had braces and glasses, wore sweater vest and ties everyday. He had his hair slick back, and it's so annoying. He bent down next to me. "Are you okay?" He asked. I just rolled my eyes. "What do you want?" He bit his lip. "I, um wanted to know, if you uh, needed help?" I glared at him. "Like I would ever need your help! Nerds aren't my type, buddy." I struggled to stand up. "Yeah um, okay." His wet hair madded down to his cheeks and was probably mixed with tears. I stumbled to my car, blood spreading. "I can give you a ride-" I immediately cut him off. "Can you take no as an answer! Just leave my alone, Lucas!" He lip quivered. "I guess I, um, can." I rolled my eyes again and began to roll up the window. "Rhetorical question! Go back to playing pokemòn or dungeons and dragons or whatever you play!" I saw him adjust his glasses. "It's..." I drove off and never heard what he had to say. It was probably stupid, like him. He's such a nobody, and I know he likes me. But, I would never date someone like him.~~~



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