Baby, Tell Me Something I Don't Know...

Selena Gomez is an average 17 year old at high school. Before Justin became a star, Selena and Justin were soulmates and they shared an in separable bond with each other. They always promised each other they would stay best friends for ever but they both grew up, things change and people change.
After Selena's 12th birthday party, everything changed between them. He chose Ariana over Selena and rose to fame, soon forgetting about everything they had.
5 and a half years later Justin mysteriously starts attending Selena's high school wanting her back but Selena knows there's more than what meets the eye.

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1. Chapter 1

“Good Morning Miss Gomez, late on the first day” The office lady whose name I still don’t know after about 2 years.

“Sorry, there was…traffic” I lied. 
The first day back from the summer holidays, everyone is always so excited to have back to the dearly missed early mornings, late nights and major hair loss. No one ever looks excited to be back especially not me. 

I signed my name and yawned, “Well, I believe you are the new student…welcome” the office lady said.

“Huh”? I asked looking up at her and then I realized she isn't talking to me. I turned around and saw a young looking, classy guy standing there.

Finally a decent guy at this school…his hair, light brown with a perfect quiff, dark shades, white long loose t-shirt and black baggy pants, black high tops with a black ball cap on backwards. 


He took off shades off and smirked at me, "Well long time no see huh Miss Gomez"?
The familiar voice of Justin Bieber said and I stood there wondering how a 12 year old with the "Bieber fringe" that made him look like...a cute teenage boy could turn into this.

His voice brought back so many, bad and good memories that I don't want to remember. 



It was my 12th birthday party, I was so excited for every single present and person to arrive and Justin arriving with the present he's had teasing me about for over a month now. Everyone arrived, everyone looked so excited except I wasn’t, Justin still wasn’t there and I didn’t want to start without him. 

I watched every car pass, waiting for that familiar silver one to pull in. I waited and waited and waited until everyone was so bored that I had to start without him. I got off my seat and then something silver caught my eye from the reflection of the sun. I jumped back to the window and I saw Justin there.

I was just about to race outside but he wasn't looking at me  or even in front of my house. A girl ran out from inside the house next door and hugged him, Ariana Grande. He looked my way and saw me at the window, he turned his face away pretending not to see me and walked inside with Ariana leaving me there, broken hearted and minus a best friend.

Flashback End

So many things started running through my mind when I saw him enter those doors. I want to slap that smirk off his face but I also want to give him a long overdue hug...wait no I don't, after everything he's done to me.

"Well, well, well look who it is, the one and only superstar, Justin Bieber" I said crossing my arms.

"You've changed, my friend" he said looking at me up and down.

"So have you...from a kid to a jerk" I said and walked off smiling to myself even though I felt like I was about to pass out.

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