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Hi.Muskurahat means Smile in Urdu.This story is about freindship,it is about not not harming your self.This story is wrotten by a 11 year old child which is me.


1. The whole story

Once upon a time there was two girls.One's name was Ayesha and the other's name was Khushi.           

                          Ayesha had a band with her friends.The band name was Rock n Fly.Ayesha didnt beleive in wishes.Ayesha didnt believe in hopes.She was rich but didn't want money.She was famous but didn't want fame.She wanted peace.She wanted someone that could give her peace, she wanted someone that could be with her like her family member, so she doesn't feel the loneliness of having a family.Ayesha's family loved Ayesha.Ayesha was the eldest in her family.She had one brother and sister.Her parents loved Ayesha,they would do anything to give happiness and peace to Ayesha.Her brother had a heart disease and her sister had cancer.The doctors gave warning to Ayesha's parents about her sister and brother.After a few months later Ayesha's brother and sister passed away.Aesha's parents and Ayesha was really sad.One day Ayesha's parent were driving home.Suddenly a call came to Ayesha's home.Ayesha picked up the phone and a police officer informed Ayesha that her parent's had an accident and passed away.Ayesha had lost everything since that day.Ayesha felt like she is dead but only taking breath.Then Ayesha decided to do some activities because she had to live her life.Then she and her friends opened a band.Since when she sings songs she is busy and is with her friends and has the company of her friends so she feels good.

                           Khushi is a simple girl.Khushi loves to help someone.Khushi  believe  in dreams.She beleives in hopes and wishes. Khushi was born with her mother dead and her father passed away when Khushi was 1 years old.Khushi has a big desire before dying.Before dying she wants to save someones life.Also before dying Khushi wants to donate money to a cancer foundation,but if she can and have the money for it.Khushi doesn't has friend's.The more she wants friends the more people doesn't wants to be friends with Khushi, because Khushi is a caring girl.She is a good girl,and the people in the city Ayesha and Khushi lived they disliked people like this.
                          One day Ayesha picked up her phone and on the net she seen a video.When Ayesha seened the video it was her friend talking about Ayesha that she is a bad girl and she was trying to kill me.Ayesha was sad,angry and lonely. All of her friends leaved her and unfriended her.All of her friends told Ayesha to do suicide. Ayesha was sad lonely and angry she went outside to take a walk and think what should she do.She was confused.In the way she met with a girl.That girl was also walking.She bumped with Ayesha and that girl's documents fell down.Ayesha said "sorry".That girl said "no problem, its my fault i was in a hurry so I bumped with you".They met with each other and told there names to eachother.The girl which Ayesha bumped with is Khushi.A call came to Khushi.That call was about the reason why she was in a hurry.Khushi was going to her neighbour's house to help her plan everything for the party her neighbour was planning. Her neighbour told her that her friend came and she doesn't need help.Khushi offered Ayesha if she can drink coffee with her.Ayesha said to Khushi "but aren't you in a hurry for something ?".Khushi replied " no I was but not now".Ayesha said ok.Ayesha and Khushi went and drank coffee they know each other verry well now.Khushi knows that she is rockstar Ayesha.Khushi and Ayesha told their addresses to each other,and became friends now.Ayesha felt good after meeting Khushi,because she is a caring,good,friendly and helping girl.
                         The other day Khushi opened up her Facebook and she saw the video about Ayesha from her freind.Khushi was confused that how could Ayesha do this I've met with her she's a good girl then how can she do this? Khushi said im going to meet Ayesha and tell her is this true? Meanwhile Ayesha's friend's were texting her to do suicide and told her that we dont want you anymore. Ayesha was feelling like its the  last day of her life.She was committing suicide she wanted to finish everything.When Ayesha was about to fo suicide.Khushi came into her house.Khushi was shocked and told Ayesha that what is she doing.Ayesha said to Khushi "I don't want to live anymore I want to die."Khushi asked Ayesha what is the matter why do you want to die? Ayesha replied because of the video my friend made and lied that i was doing her murder,and then all my friend's believed her and even  one friend didn't tell me that is this true ? Khushi replied "I say to you,is this true? I dont think so that this is true because I've only met you for some hours and I knowed you very well that your not like this your a good girl you can never think about doing this."Ayesha was about doing suicide.Khushi told her "livie for me,for our  friendship live for me..... Ayesha looked at Khushi and cancelled to do suicide.Ayesha came and hugged Khushi and was crying and told Khushi that I didnt do like this everyone leaved me and I was alone.Khushi told Ayesha that she's not alone she is with her.Ayesha felt good.Khushi was going away but she told Ayesha " live for me,with happiness."Ayesha felt happy and good.
                          Khushi and Ayesha were becomimg good friend's. One day Ayesha had a concert she invited Khushi to the concert. Ayesha 3 everyone and also wrote in the posters and cards that this is a special concert because for the first time Ayesha is going to sing a song thats not pop neither rock.Khushi came for the concert Ayesha started to sing the song but before singing the song she said " this song is specially fo Khushi my friend." .. After the concert Khushi was so happy.Ayesha was going to home she found Khushi.She was so happy that she was crying.Khushi was standing across the road.Khushi was coming forward to Ayesha she was crossing the road.Suddenly a car came and hit Khushi.Ayesha ran towards Khushi she screamed.The ambulance came and took Khushi to the hospital.Ayesha was so sad and was crying and prayed for her.The doctor came out from the operation theatre.Ayesha said to the doctor what happened,is Khushi ok ? The doctor told Ayesha that Khushi's condition is not good her life is in danger.The doctor told Ayesha that Khushi has cancer.Ayesha was shocked.The doctor told Ayesha that Khushi has cancer from 6 months.Ayesha was schocked that Khushi didn't tell me that she had cancer.The doctor said that Khushi's life is in danger she can die anytime.Ayesha was shocked, sad and confused.She went to meet Khushi.Khushi was laying in the bed.Khushi was awake she was crying.Ayesha came and sat with her she was crying and told Khushi " why ? Why did you do this, why did you do this with me". Khushi removed her oxygen mask and told Ayesha " I didn't want anyone to know, because I didn't want anyone to be sad and why should've I told, I knew that my life is short". Khushi said to Ayesha " I have very little time left, but I want to tell you that please live for me, with happiness and joy never harm yourself  because this life is very short". Ayesha was crying she said no nothing will happen to you. Ayesha kept her head on Khushi's hand and was crying. When Ayesha lifted her head up  from Khushi's hand Khushi's eye's were closed. Ayesha said Khushi wake up Khushi she was trying to wake Khushi up but by then Khushi was dead.Ayesha screamed and was telling in a loud voice" oh God! Why did you do this to me !.. You took away my mother from me you took my father form me you took my brother and sister from me and  now when you gave me Khushi so you took Khushi from me also?.. Ayesha was sad and she was crying.
                         After Khushi passed away Ayesha became a good girl  she helped everyone and she donated lots of money to a cancer foundation.She moved to new country, when she was going outside people asked her aren't you rockstar Ayesha ? Ayesha would said no, I'm not roxkstr Ayesha I'm Ayesha.... And Ayesha lived her life with hope, happiness and joy for Khushi........
The End

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