snow angels

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  • Pubblicato: 24 mar 2016
  • Aggiornato: 27 feb 2016
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laying in the snow. 


cold creeping through my jacket sleeves,

under a laundry line i can barely see:


i watch the world go to grey then blue. 


my eyes well up and swell to seas,

my frigid fingers catch on matchstick trees. 


i listen to the sound of seagulls and loss. 


fading into the ice and breeze,

my throat catches my breath no more.

the sadness tears through sinew and bone:


it creaks and moans out crooked snores. 


Too soon i muster all my strength

to lift an arm

or maybe a leg.


Too little left to stand up straight,

i settle down back into the snow


and feel the world go from blue to grey. 







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