Loving you •N.H•

Cecelia Wood is a normal 17 year old. She goes to school every day and comes home. She does her homework and only gets in trouble sometimes, well, normally. What happens when she moves again like she had done her whole life? What happens when she gets involved with the four bad boys of the school?

One of those bad boys is like none other. Will she confront him or stay away like she was taught to? Will he get through to her and find the love he always wanted?

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1. About






(This is a not famous story. The boys are not famous. This story will also have the boys younger than what they are. I hope you enjoy)  


"I've been watching you," he whispered in my ear.   

I shivered and bit my lip.   

"Just know that I have claimed you. You're mine and no one will ever harm you. I won't let them," he nibbled a bit on my ear.   

I gasped and closed my eyes.

If this was my last day on earth I'm glad I spent it with Niall Horan. 

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