Ramblings of a Confused 'Adult'

I did have a Diary before but now I'm a 'Adult' rather than a Teenager so...

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1. Introduction?


I am not one to lie, nor am I one to be completely honest. Though this might be a contradiction, it isn't, I simply don't care to involve myself with people or things that don't interest me, though if i have to I will go along with it. Anyway, being Eighteen years of age now has started to make me realize a few things. One, I am responsible for my life, no-one can control nor can they tell what is right and wrong. Two, to care is to be Human. I care for those who show me the same respect in return, if they don't, I just don't really care for them. Three, I can change the world. I hear the excuse 'one person can change the world,' and it sort of irritates me. You change the impression of the world, I have some goals I'd love to achieve, some of them are a bit crazy but they are mine to reach for.


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