If I Could Fly

Hi, i'm Aria Rose. My life isn't perfect like everyone else's. I get bullied at school and abused at home. But music helps me through it. And Aaden, my best friend. What will happen when I enter a school talent show? Will I realize my one true love or get my heart broken? Will I find a new family or be forever alone?


1. Happiness

  "Aria!" Mykah, my twin brother, called.

"What?" I asked.

"Look! Mr. Alester is hosting a talent show! This is your chance!" He exclaimed.

You see, Mykah and I have a wonderful relationship. We tell each other everything. He knows how hard school is for me even though I try my hardest to stick up for myself.

I just stood staring at the flyer, smiling. Finally, I might be able to escape my awefull life.

  Then, my mom walked in and saw the flyer, "You are not signing up for a talent show. You have a horrible voice and you look horrible. Who would want to listen to you?" she questioned.

  Now you know why my life is awefull. My dad is the same way. All of it was over me dropping a snow globe when I was twelve years old.


  "Wake up Babygirl!" my dad yelled, "it's Christmas!" 

We walked down the stairs and opened up presents. I got all the things a normal twelve year old would get. A phone, nail polish, makeup.

  "Last present, Aria," my mom said sweetly. She handed my a perfectly wrapped present that looked circular at the top. I looked at it, then looked at my happy family. I smiled and slowely tore of the paper. When it was all off I found a snowglobe with a tiny dancer inside sitting in my hands.

 "I love it!" I exclaimed, and I really did. It was absolutely beautiful.

  I got up and went to hug my parents, but I tripped on a leg of the coffee table. The snowglobe went flying out of my hands and across the room. We all just sat in shock watching it. It crashed onto my dads' foot. He looked down at his foot slowely, then back at me. I had never seen so much anger in his eyes.

 "You little bitch!" he screamed at me.

 My mom got up and pulled my black hair hard so my face was looking at hers, "Do you know how much that cost? HUH? Why would you do that, cunt?" Then she slapped my straight on in the face.

  I was in shock. I didn't mean to. It was just an accident. How were my once loving mommy and daddy able to call me those names? How was my mommy able to hurt me. They'd been loving all my life, so what happened now? This couldn't be just because of dropping the snowglobe.

 Mom let go of my hair and pushed me so I fell over. Her and my dad walked away, leaving my twin to comfort me.


  I know what you're thinking, poor you. But don't because I HATE sympathy. To be honest, some of what they say is true. I'm stupid, fat, ugly, and a horrible singer, but I have to try, at least for my sake. I have to give happiness a shot.

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