chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief ~a review book~

a review book.
comment if you want it reviewed.
the title (preferably with the link).
if it's super long, i'll probably just go through the first five chapters and review.

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1. chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief reviews: introduction


chocolate pudding or bitter gourd relief


the title.

the blurb.

the author.

preferably, the link as well.


that's all you need to comment for a review.
(edit 12.01.16)- i review all genres. every single one of the genre there is. all you have to do is ask.




[edit: 11.01.16]
just a reminder that i review only the first five chapters.

i'd love to read everything and put it all here, but i describe in detail and i don't think i have the capability of critiquing an entire book chapter-wise.

and there is the time-factor. my holidays are going on now, yeah. but i work and i have to write as well, so first five chapters, it is.

i'm sorry for the inconvenience.



[edit: 12.01.16]
i might be harsh at times, so i'm sorry.

and i am particular about the cover, the blurb and the way the story is presented. it adds too the feel of the story in ways you can't imagine.

(i study film media, and tiny details of how visually attractive a book is helps in itssales)

and a suggestion if i may, like this review book if you're satisfied with your review. it's okay if you're not.

and maybe, you could favorite the movella so you know when your review is out.
but that's optional.
you can not favorite it too, i comment on the reviewed movella once it's out anyway.
thank you for your patience and reading edits like this, it's the tiny details that count.





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