the man with nine lives

"sir?"......"sir?!" called the assistant "What do you want chris?" answered the scientist. "um something has come up on our radar" "what is it?" "sir, not 'what' is it.. more like who is it." "what the bloody hell are u talking about Christopher?! why don't you go home and get some rest, its been a long day" "bu-" "no buts" said the scientist, "i've called a cab, you are going home"

The assistant got in the cab as he was told, but he knew he wasn't crazy, is it really possible? could such a man exist? a man with nine lives?

as Christopher mumbled to himself about this confusing discovery the taxi driver turned back to him and asked what the matter was but the assistant had no time to answer, for the second the driver turned back to the road there was a boy standing in the middle of the road, eyes gold as the sunset as the car screeched spinning out of line and hitting the boy, the air bags deployed as the car rammed into a light post, looking over he saw the boy get up and walk away

L'autore ha classificato questa movella come giallo, il ché significa che non è appropriato per gli utenti sotto 13 anni.
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