Callateral damage (lrh)

Nassatie a foreign exchange student from New York visiting Sydney Australia.she moves in with a nice family, but are they just collateral damage for her plans to get away from her bad mother and even worse stepdad. what happens when she falls for a blond boy in a band? Will stay after her year in Aussie or will she runaway to LA like she planed


1. the landing

I just landed in Australia and it was 5:00 in the morning, I'm here in the beautiful Sydney Australia because I am a foreign exchange student. I am stay with a family for my junior year. I am originally from New York City.

"Hi are you Nessatie?" Asked a darker skinned lady with short brown hair.

"Yes ma'am but you may call me Nessy, it's easer." I smiles. Then she hugges me and looks at my outfit which is a white tank top connected to white shorts black tights and black ankle boots and one short neckless (that I wear everyday) and a longer neckless.

"Okay Nessy, my name is joy hood.i have two wonderful kids one is your age the other is a but older." Joy said as I got my bag and she led me to her car.she drove and we sat in silence, until we pulled up to a good sized house.

"Wow." U said in awe, it was that big of a house but I've only ever lived in an apartment in lower Manhattan with my four brothers and my mom.

"So what was it like in New York?" Joy asked

"Umm cold, loud and crowded." I said fake smiling

"A lot different from here." She smiled "would you like to come meet my kids now?"

"Sure"I smile

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