My personal Poetry.

This has all my own poetry in it. Maybe some of other poets poetry that I personally love

8I mi piace

2. Us Against Everyone Else

Oh love, you are just not aware,

of what this leads to or to where,

I tried my best to be true and fair,

but it seems that love is a game of truth or dare,

Is it? .. or we just can't reach up there,

where everyone else stands up and stares,

It's just that I can't take or bare,

how everyone else furiously glares,

I'm helpless honey, come save me and verse,

these feelings against me and this curse,

of love upon his passion towards hers,

and this unbreakable obsession but yet absurd,

while again we are asked to redeem our blares,

and sins that yet haven't been done and won't occur,

but can we dislodge them from ahead?

when it's just us against everyone else...


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