My personal Poetry.

This has all my own poetry in it. Maybe some of other poets poetry that I personally love

8I mi piace

3. The Falling Day

                     The leaves rustle on the ground

                             as I walk through the woods,

                          the sun warms my back,

                        as if the sun itself

                           is to be kissing me goodbye,


As I walk into the old cabin, the sun starts to disappear                                                     .                  .         

    Going ,



                 Just like my family,    

            plucked from my hand,


               the leaves fall, tapping on the windows,

as if they want me to enjoy their presence.

    I walk outside once more,

        The colors,

    Crimson red

       Orange hues

            Golden yellows &  

                     gorgeous purples and vibrant greens,                     

       I fall to my knees, wishing the fall goodbye,

the colors blur, as I breathe my last goodbye, the leaves tickle my hand,

then I fall to mother earth, she takes me in and holds me as she covers me in a blanket of colorful leaves.

Thus, let this falling day.


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