My personal Poetry.

This has all my own poetry in it. Maybe some of other poets poetry that I personally love

8I mi piace

1. Dying Love.

Isn't it nice that come what may,

But love is something that's here to stay?

I looked at love blossoming like that of a beautiful rose bud..

I see you blush, a sweet rush of crimson blood..

I've loved you since our first meet.

I wanted you to sweep me off my feet...

I loved the first time you smiled at me..

More perfect than the most perfect cup of sweet tea

I hope our love isn't forbidden

with our the sun we could have ridden...

But hated me...

That put me in depression, you see..

I was alone..I had cried..

for you, I would have died!

Now I'm left here all alone,

 I now sit here...aching all the way to the bone..

"Goodbye dear world..."

I said as-into a ball-I curled..

overdosed on sleeping pills...

I found out that love kills..

there I lay, waiting for death..

I drew in my very last breath,

I closed my eyes to sleep forever...

never to wake again...ever.




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