You've met them in 'My brothers Best Friend'
And now their back, better than ever.
A story that twists between the two lives in every chapter.
I'm happy to introduce Samwich Wallace and Samantha Burk in Twister, the spinoff for MBBF.

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1. introduction

B: I think it's safe to say that we never though this would happen

W: We're just normal people,

B: Best friends,

W: Roommates

W: So when we got a message, we thought it was just Lela playing a joke on us

But it wasn't, it was real

B: So now we're here, watching as someone writes a book about us.

W: Oh, we should probably introduce ourselves

B: Oh yeah, forgot about that. I'm Samantha Burk.

W: And I'm Samwich Wallace and before you even say it, I know I have a weird ass name.

B: Yeah, build a bridge and get over it.

W: You don't even want to know what happened to the last person.

B: Oh yeah, him. *giggles* he's all like 'I'm a football player and I'm better than you!'

W: *chuckles* you snapped him half

B: *shrugs* don't get us wrong, we're actually really nice people

W: but insult our friends and we'll kill you

B: we'd do it for any of our friends

W: whether it was for Lela, Jacob, Tyler, Felix or any other of our friends

B: that's just who we are

W: anyway, we thought we would just tell us a bit about ourselves

B: we're not really ones for introductions, but we thought this would be best. then we'll get right into the book

W: Well, as you know I'm samwich, also known as Sam. I'm from New Zealand, but I've been born and raised in Australia, Brisbane. On a side note, go MAROON!!

B: *laughs* I'm from England, alike Jacob (who you may or may not know) how ever I moved to Australia when I was 2, unlike Jacob who moved when he was 12. Hence whey his accent is way stronger. Oh and most people call me sammy and I have a twin brother, Finn.

W: we met in 2nd grade, when Samantha moved to my school. I hated her at first, but after a few weeks we became best friends.

B: I still don't get why you hated me, I was just a little kid

W: I had my reasons

B: *rolls eyes* anyway! we've had our fair share of fights. But as said before, we built a bridge and got over it.

W: yeah, who throws a friendship away because they had a little fight

B: even if one lasted for a year

W: ugh, what a crappy year

B: and before you even think about it, I'm shorter than samwich

W: don't ask for exact heights, who the fuck knows their exact height?

B: who do you think we are? Bill nye the height guy?


B: I think that's all you need to know at the moment

W: but you'll learn more as the story continues

B: oh and on a side note, there's going to be lots of swearing

W: inside jokes and throat punching

B: hope this isn't to boring

WB: bye

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