A Splash of Pink

My diary.

1I mi piace

1. 9/30

"Codé! It's 6:50! You need to get up!" I stirred groggily in my warm bed. My room was dark as it wasn't very light out yet at 6:50 in the morning. I reached out and grabbed my dumbbell alarm clock, that had gone off earlier that morning. I curled it 30 times and it went off, and I fell asleep again. My brother was right. it was 6:50. I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower, grabbing my towel. I quickly hopped into the nicely tiled shower.

I turned the water on hot, and let it run down my body as I slathered soap on all over. I combed out my long curly hair, which didn't take as long as it usually does because I had started combing it every morning, which made my life so much easier. I blinked as a stream of water ran down my forehead and into my eye, carrying a spec of glitter with it. I have been covered in glitter since my performance last Friday. I was a part of my school's marching band. I was in the color guard, the glittery pretty part of it. It was fun, but the glitter was always a pain to wash out.

I stepped out of the shower and dries myself off before wrapping my towel around my body. I brushed my teeth then looked in the mirror. Codé Pink, you are beautiful and don't let anybody tell you otherwise. I laughed and blew myself a kiss before remembering that I was running late.

I quickly ran to my room and got dresses, slipping on blue shorts with a highlighted yellow strip down the sides that matched my school shirt. Coon Park Parrots. I quickly ran upstairs, almost crashing into my brother Sam. "Morning bro." He just continued on and I just shrugged.


I rushed out the door, shoving both of my backpacks into my mom's minivan. My 3 younger siblings all clambered into the van, Sam and Jasmine ready to head to Coon Park Middle School, and me ready to go over Coon Park High School. 


After an extremely boring day at both my high school and the nearby community college, I finally headed to tennis practice, Of course, because I was at the community college, I was late to tennis, there was nobody to pair me up with so I went and played against the school wall. I did pretty good for being exhausted and all. 

Every Wednesday is pizza day for my family and I, so after tennis, I began to walk home with my blonde friend from marching band, Morning. That isn't his real name of course, but I am always and forever giving people weird nicknames, and they deal.


Today was crazy, but not too, crazy...tomorrow is bound to be worse...

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