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there is something you you want to hide from your mum and dad? there is something that people in the world that if you mark by the devil you are on there side for 16 years old Daisy. she learns there is more to her mark and her life. when she faces challenge the face a head.


1. What if there is a world before us

there is something is something more then there is. my name is Daisy Clin and i am the daughter of the Moon queen. i was just like you till i turn 16 years old and i was mark as a devil. when i turn 16 i start to fill the mark. in this world there is no turning back now. i have two sisters that i love so much. they are my world to me. without them i am not here. this story is about 12 months before i find out who i was. i woke up. it’s 7am and the sun is about to wake up. i got up and head to the bathroom. i get my make up out of the bag. i lock the door. i remove my top. i look at my marks. i ran my hand mark. there is more than normal. since i turn 16 years old i got more mark than normal. it grow more than normal. i pull out my make up and start to cover up them up. in my home town if we are seen with the mark we are cast out from our friends. we won’t able to see our family ever again. i remember when a girl in my class was cast out and told to move on there other side of the world. her name is Amy she  was know as glass. she has a twin sister name Izzy. the two are unbreakable but when she was taken Izzy was never say the same as she was. so Izzy move to the other side to eb with eh sister. Isabella Snow  is dead to us. yet i feel like she is not. the two were my friends. i send them letter by owl every day. i put on a top on. i cover up the last of them. they knew i was going to be mark soon. Izzy got mark a few days she move to the other side. when i left the bathroom mum was looking at me as  i walk out the room. she watch me as i walk out to go my room. mum know something up. i can’t let her get to my head. she just other person in my life i can’t keep there. i get my sisters out of bed. i get them ready for school. i take them to school. i then walk to the line. being 16 years old i had to work full time on the bad side. i been working since i was 8 years so i could give food to my sisters and my family. i get to work and start to pick the apples off the tree. i then went to clean the park to see my sisters. they happy to see me. if i do not see them at noon i will go mad. i get back to work and i see the police . they here to get to someone. i see Autumn she being taken away from us. she look at me and i see what her eyes are trying to tell me. ‘Run Daisy. they know you're one of them. they take your sisters away from you. they kill you.’ with that she was taken away. i knew i had to save up and to keep a low key so i did. when i had enough money i grab my bag. it was a ready to go . i got up at 4 am this morning. i go and put my makeup. i get my sisters up.

“Sis why we up so early?”

“I need you to get up for me. do not make any noise okay?”

“Yes sis”

i get them dress. i owl Amy to say i am coming. they said that they will meet on there other side of the line. it was going to be sunny soon. i get Erin her little bow and teddy bear. i had packed her bag night before. Amber got her coat. we sneak out the back. i pick Aaron up. Amber grab our bag. we keep running. then i hear my name but i can’t turn back now it is too late for this. if we go back we be kill. if i go forward i not sure if we will be safe. i knew if the two friends are safe on that side then we can be. so i got the line. it was huge jump. i see Amy she has he black hood up. she much older now.

“tost us your bag and we can catch.”

i throw my bags on the other side. she catches. Izzy hand it to someone behind her. they put it on the car. i then kiss Erin on the head. A man gets off the car. he has fire red hair like me.

“Okay you two jump and get there other side”

“But sis that the bad side”
“No it is not. you love me right. this side is good. what they say is a lie.”

they hug me and then made it to the other side. i knew if i did not look down i was  going to be able to jump it. i hear the police to coming close. i block out the voice and ran over the line. i made it . Amy though the men across the wall. it is then i knew how powerful she became and i knew i could be. i got back to the house. i felt worried.

“Hey i am Bill the way.”

‘I am Daisy.”

“Ya your owls wake us up all the time.”

“Sorry about that”

“It is okay….”

“Bill! where did you out my…”

the girl stop at the end of the stairs when she sow me. it as if she knew who i was. a man stood behind her. it like they where talking though in there mind. it was as if there the two of them knew me before all this. Bill walk to them.

“Amy told us that you a full mask even at a young age. i am Maggie. you can call me Maggie .”

“That is your name dummy. i am Summer by the way. this is Lucy, Katie, Jessica, Adam and  Alice”

i smile at my new room mate. Summer notes the two she forgot to mention.

“That is Pete and the girl is Chole. they are the daughter and son of the moon queen. the same as you are.”

“How can you tell?”

“your marks. it’s blue and your main one is a moon.  your name says it all to. Daisy Clin is the daughter of the queen of the moon.”

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