Jade had a normal and perfect life you could say. She was living her dream with her 3 other bestfriends. Jade loved life and was happy until everything takes a turn for the worst. When she loses herself she tries to put all the pieces together again. She wanted to know what it felt to be on cloud 9 and to be weightless.

Cover by: Brianna Lauren

© Copyright 2015 HarrehXOXOStyles. All rights reserved


1. Chapter 1

Jade Pov

The warm air hits my face as I step outside my flat. Today is the day that me, Perrie, Jesy, a Leigh-Ann go lunch with some friends. I get into my car and drive off to Chile’s. When I arrive at the restaurant I see the girls. We say our hi’s and then we sit down at the table. 

“Jesy how are you feeling? You look really tired, and pale” Perrie said 

“I’m just starting to get a little cold, nothing I can’t handle,” I said above a whisper 

“You sure love?” 

“Yeah I'll be fine”

Everybody makes small talk while I just there quiet. I don’t mean to be quiet, I just don’t feel too good to really talk about anything. I excuse myself and go to the bathroom. When I get back to the table I order my food and we eat. After, we all eat we say our goodbye’s and part ways. Walking to my car with my keys in hand a guy suddenly bumps into me.

“Sorry babe,” he says with his Irish accent 

“It’s fine” I sniffle because my nose is stopped up 

“Really I’m sorry, um my names Naill” 

“I’m Jade”

“Jade, the Jade Thirlwall from Little Mix?” 

“Yep, that’s me. Look I got to go but, let’s talk another time” I say politely 

“That’s fine with me” 
Naill gives me his number and once he’s gone I get into my car and drive off. When I arrive at home I go into my room getting out some sweatpants, a one shoulder sweater, and some undergarments for my shower. A shower is much need for me. I hope it’ll calm me down and loosen back up. I turn on the water waiting for it to warm up and get in. Once I was my hair and face I wash my body off twice before getting out and putting my clothes on. I put my phone on my bedside table and turn on Netflix. Before I pick a show, the doorbell rings. I go downstairs taking my phone with me. Once I get to the door my mum is there smiling and talking to Naill. What’s he doing here laughing with my mum? 

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