The Little Mermaid (Mash-up)

The twins, Trent and Natalia, wake up one day to find themselves in... they aren't exactly sure where. And they also don't know how they got here. It is a land... sea, where mermaids swim and pirates attack. They need to find the Mermaid Godmother to get home! Join them on the greatest manhunt of their lives.


1. Chapter 1

       "Aw, seriously? The heck?" Trent LBray brushed back his wavy bangs in the way that most overly-confident twelve year old boys do. 
       "So we're in this 'other world', stuck here, and we didn't even get a cool way transporting here!" As he rants, Trent walks around in circles using crazy hand gestures as if plotting an evil plan... "Alice from Alice in Wonderland fell into a hole to some other world, the Super Why agents fly into books, Ella from Ella Enchanted got pushed into a magical well."
      He pauses dramatically, "And we just WAKE UP here! Like BAM!"
He claps his hands together to show his annoyance. "At least they were conscious! And they transported into land, not... water!" Trent was an average twelve year old boy with a sarcastic sense of humor. He had light brown hair and matching eyes and a touch of freckles on his nose.
       His twin sister, Natalia, looked about the same but had a completely different personality, let's say she was a bit more reasonable, and had more sense. "C'mon Trent! Think positive! Like, 'Isn't this cool?' or 'Everything is alright!'" Natalia was, actually, shaking in fear, so comforting her by-three-minutes-younger-brother, wasn't exactly working.
       "Nat, you have GOT to be kidding me. We fell asleep, safe at home, and then wake up UNDERWATER in who-knows-where and you are telling me to be POSITIVE?! There is no ocean or lake anywhere near where we live Nat! We could have been kidnapped to RUSSIA by a group of evil men with creepy mustaches for all I know! How are you supposed to be positive about that?!"
       "Trent, there has to be a reasonable explanation to this."
       "That IS the reasonable explanation! We were kidnapped. To Russia. By evil men. With creepy mustaches" Adorably, in a way that girls would 'awww' over, he sits down with a pout. And glares at Natalia.
       "Wait..." Natalia says, holding up a finger.
... a few seconds pass...
       "I'm waiting." Trent says through his teeth, "Ugh, Nat, you're doing that thing with your eyebrows." He glares harder, "STOP DOING THAT THING WITH YOUR EYEBROWS." 

     Natalia ignores him, but stops wrinkling her eyebrows, "Trent, We're underwater. How are we talking and breathing?"

       For the first time since the twins woke up, they stopped arguing and looked around. There was a huge air bubble around each of their bodies. And the water sparkled magically.
       "Awesome...!" exclaimed Trent... in awe. He got up and slowly started walking around, like people do in the movies where they travel to an alternate universe.
       "I know right! And the air bubbles follow us wherever we go!" Natalia pranced around Trent, the air bubble following her, to prove her point.

      As they walked around themselves, adoring the beauty of wherever-they-were, an image catches Trent's eye... really far into the water. Still in a trance, he tapped his sister's shoulder. And maybe his mind cleared, and he came to his senses, or the image came closer, but Trent realized with a start what the image was. And then he screamed. Like a girl. Trent screamed like a girl.

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